UR Connected Yoga

Connect with each other. Connect with yourself.

"The headphones allowed me to have lazer-like focus and greater self awareness of what I was doing." -


"My first impression was ... it was the coolest concept for a yoga class. I enjoyed Laura's enthusiasm and I was excited to be a part of it. The headphones are a perfect way to hear the directions."


I am 54 years old and took my first ever yoga class with you today! I loved the mindfulness of your class and the incredible stretching - like I've never stretched before! I'm hooked!!


"It really brought me into myself."


UR Connected is like a silent disco for your mind, body and soul! I've never experienced anything like it. The uninterrupted sounds allow you to tap deeper within yourself than ever before! Laura is a master at guiding me to my happy place! Yoga will never be the same again after you've experienced UR Connected!

- Christie


UR Connected Yoga

112 121st Avenue
Treasure Island, Florida

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